Making Master Guitars by Roy Courtnall

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Making Master Guitars is the major reference book covering the history, design and construction of the Spanish Classical Guitar. It supersedes all other books on the subject, and is the only reference required by those wishing to construct instruments based closely on the work of the world's greatest luthiers.

Making Master Guitars is a craftsman's handbook, and is unique in that it included nine separate plans of instruments made by the following internationally famous makers: Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser I, Santos Hernandez, Hernandez y Aguado, Ignacio Fleta, Robert Bouchet, Daniel Friederich and Jose Romanillos. The author examined many instruments by these makers, and, where possible, the factual information in the book was obtained from the makers themselves.

Part One of the book is devoted to separate chapters on each maker. The reader will find historical information about the life of, and influences on each maker, as well as detailed sets of working drawings for their guitars. Many photographs are also included.

Part Two provides essential information about the tools, materials and working environment needed by the guitar maker.

Part Three comprises a step-by-step description of the traditional Spanish method of guitar construction, illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings. The method of making a guitar is presented with great clarity, so that even the newcomer to this fascinating craft will be able to produce a superb instrument. The book is essential reading for the maker and the historian, providing a unique record of the different methods of guitar design and strutting systems that have evolved since Antonio de Torres first defined the essential characteristics of the modern classical guitars in the 1850s.

Making Master Guitars is published in the United Kingdom by Robert Hale Ltd, 45 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R OHT. Tel: 0207 2512661    Fax: 0207 4904958   

ISBN 0 7090 4809 2   Format: 210 mm x 297 mm   336 pages538 black and white photographs, line drawings, sketches and plans.

A French edition of Making Master Guitars is available under the title La Fabrication des Guitares Classiques.